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ActiveViam Google marketplace announcement
ActiveViam |
May 9, 2023

New York, May 9th, 2023

ActiveViam, a premier provider of powerful analytics and decision-making solutions, is thrilled to announce the global availability of its powerful Atoti platform on Google Cloud Marketplace. Atoti on Google Cloud provides financial services industry professionals with unprecedented speed and scalability to tackle their toughest analytics challenges across market, credit, liquidity, and other mission critical business risks. 


Atoti is a high-performance, data aggregation and analytics platform empowering organizations with invaluable insights for faster and better-informed decisions. The platform integrates tightly with Google Cloud’s Big Query facilitating analytics on complex metrics across huge data volumes. Users can now benefit from speed-of-thought analytics on key indicators whether it’s historical or current data.  Atoti is extremely helpful for trend analysis, back testing and stress testing.


ActiveViam’s customers are financial services organizations including banks, exchanges, asset owners, energy companies and large hedge funds. They’ve chosen Atoti to deliver high performance, efficient and scalable business resiliency. When customers integrate Atoti into their Google Cloud environment, they will be able to leverage the most advanced analytics of both platforms, ultimately leading to faster returns on their cloud transformation initiatives.


“The fact that Atoti is validated by Google Cloud and now part of the Google Cloud Marketplace presents an exciting opportunity for financial institutions using  Google Cloud. Atoti’s cutting-edge software and reference architecture, integrated with BigQuery, offers enhanced market risk, credit risk, and liquidity risk analytics. We are confident that once financial institutions try Atoti on BigQuery, they will quickly recognize it as the most advanced platform for risk analysis.
Atoti enables them to transition from prototyping to ad-hoc analysis to enterprise applications without requiring any additional tools, thereby streamlining the analytics process, and improving their overall business performance.” said Antoine Chambille, Chief Technology Officer of ActiveViam.


About ActiveViam

ActiveViam provides the world’s leading financial institutions with a fully flexible data aggregation and analytics platform. Our solutions continuously calculate risk and performance metrics on large volumes of fast-moving data, revealing greater insights that empower our clients to make better business decisions, optimize their profits and manage their risk.

ActiveViam operates in the global financial market and is a trusted partner of Société Générale, CME, Danske Bank and many more.

For more information, please visit or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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