ActiveViam partners with Calypso Technology

Allen Whipple |
March 22, 2017

It’s my pleasure to announce that ActiveViam and Calypso Technology have partnered to embed our product ActivePivot within the Calypso offering.

I’m particularly happy about this partnership because I feel that Calypso and ActiveViam have much in common. 20 years ago, Calypso created a high-volume transaction system written entirely in Java, much to the skepticism of the rest of the finance software industry. 10 years later we faced the same skepticism when we set out to write in Java too our own high-volume analytics platform, but we overcame and now both companies have become widely recognized in their respective fields for their technological excellence.

This new integration also makes sense in the perspective of our deep, ongoing partnership with Oracle, the makers of Java. We will benefit greatly from our joint R&D work on large heaps during the development of Java 9. We will continue in the future to find or make new ways to push the boundaries of Java for the benefit of all our partners and clients. It is also another addition to the growing list of ISVs that integrate ActivePivot.

With this partnership, customers will be able to acquire a leading transaction process platform and a leading in-memory database and calculation engine packed together in a single, integrated solution. We made the choice from the beginning for ActivePivot to be designed as a component in order to tailor its implementation to the specificities of each customer, but the integrated solution with Calypso is a great deal for anyone looking instead to buy a comprehensive system that’s ready to go out of the box.

I look forward to working with the teams at Calypso on the integration of ActivePivot within their offering and to work together on continuing to make Java work better and faster!

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